Emigrants all over the world are flocking to YouTube and Facebook to enjoy a new Christmas anthem dedicated to the Irish Diaspora.

Two Irish bands – Jigsaw Jam and Keith O’Brien – have combined for the special track entitled ‘I’m Coming Home.’

Already the video for the emotional track has attracted over 10,000 daily hits on YouTube.

And the bands expect that figure to multiply thanks to exposure on Irish Central and in emigrant newspapers like the Irish Voice in America and the Irish Echo in Australia.

They believe the video will go viral as Christmas approaches and those forced to emigrate by the collapse of the Celtic Tiger start to think of home.

Shane Davis, lead singer with Jigsaw Jam and one of the brains behind the new song, told the Irish Echo: “The song focuses on the hundreds of thousands of Irish abroad this Christmas who will not be able to make it home for Christmas, a very poignant and current affair.”

The video for the track was shot on Dublin’s famous Grafton Street, a shopping Mecca synonymous with Christmas for most Irish people.

Shoppers on Grafton Street have sent messages to their loved ones abroad on the shoot.

The emotional video also features clips of people sending messages home from Australia and other places around the globe.

‘I’m Coming Home’ will be available to download on iTunes and all other music download sites from Friday.