The luckiest policeman in the world may well be Sir Hugh Orde, formerly Northern Ireland’s top cop who did a great job when he was there.

Orde was considered favorite to take over the job of top London cop at Scotland Yard but was pipped at the post for the best job in British policing by Sir Paul Stephenson.

Lucky for Orde, as he no doubt would have got sucked into the Rupert Murdoch saga as Stephenson was recently forced to resign.

Now Orde is back in the frame for the top job, and he is not shy about castigating Murdoch for what he calls his “abdication of responsibility.”

“You saw the chief officer of the police service of this country, Sir Paul Stephenson, saying, ‘Look this happened on my watch. I am responsible. I am therefore... It's on my watch. I am resigning,’” Orde said.

The unspoken word was that Murdoch should resign too. If Orde wins we can expect a whole new reality check for Murdoch’s publications used to bribing and threatening their way around Scotland Yard.

Orde has many close friends in the U.S. who will be hoping he gets the top job.

A lucky policeman - Former Northern Ireland top cop Sir Hugh Orde