Two Derry sisters, tipped as Northern Ireland's oldest twins, celebrated their 94th birthday this week.

According to UTV, Maggie Taylor and May O'Neill were joined by their family for a birthday bash in Magherafelt surrounded by their four children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

The celebration was slightly delayed as Mary was unwell for their actual birthday in May, but has since recovered.

“I'm hoping I'll see 100 and that'll be a bigger celebration!,” Mary quipped.

The identical twin sisters have lived near each other and have been the best of friends all their lives. Maggie is the oldest by just half an hour.

"They're always very witty, enjoy company, enjoy life," Maggie's son John told UTV.

"They like a game of bingo, like partying, they like a day at the seaside. They never grew old - they always stayed young."

They put their long life down to a healthy diet of porridge, no smoking or drinking, and no powder or paint as they call it.

The sisters are thought to be the oldest twins in Northern Ireland.

Magherafelt has a reputation for famous twins, the tallest identical twins ever recorded, at 7 foot 2 inches tall were the Knipe Brothers. The Derry brothers toured London as ‘the Gigantic Irish Twins’ in 1784.