Almost a third of Irish people declared they would be less likely to visit the United States if Donald Trump were President, with a total 81 per cent stating that the world would be a less safe place with the former reality star and billionaire in the White House.

Men and those within the 18-24 age bracket were less likely to visit the US under President Trump, according to a recent Red C/Paddy Power poll, with 32 per cent of men voicing their travel concerns compared to 29 per cent of women.

Although all age groups ranged between 28 and 36 percent opposed to US travel if Trump is successful in his bid for the White House, the 18-24 age bracket was the highest at 36 per cent.

The 45-54 and 65+ age brackets came in the lowest but still maintained 28 per cent.

The poll also found that only six per cent of Irish people believed the world would be a safer place if Trump were President, although 12 per cent of those interviewed were undecided.

Older age groups were less likely to believe the world would be a safer place with the controversial billionaire in power, with only 2 per cent of 45-54s and 3 per cent of 54-65s believing the world would be safer.

Again those in the 65+ age bracket were less concerned about a businessman president but he still only received an 8 per cent safety report.

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Not only are Irish people unwilling to journey to America in the event of President Donald but some also wish to place on a ban on any kind of journey to the Emerald Isle on his part.

Following Trump’s controversial comments on immigration, a wall along the Mexican border, and a ban on Muslims entering the country while the US deals with terror threats, petitions were submitted to the Irish government asking for a ban to be placed on Trump traveling to Ireland. It is reported that the ban will be discussed in the Dail (Irish parliament) in the coming months.

Trump’s stance on immigration, in particular, could be a cause of concern to Irish people in the US. His claim that he will deport all illegal immigrants from the US would affect the estimated 50,000 undocumented Irish currently in the US, 30,000 of whom are believed to be in New York city.

The GOP candidate also recently stated that he no longer had any interest in his golf club investment in Co. Clare, stating that the Doonbeg golf resort was “small potatoes” and he was leaving it to his children to maintain.

"We spent a lot of money on making it just perfecto and now it’s doing great. But I don’t care about that stuff anymore. It is like small potatoes, right,” he said.

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In the same speech at Kiawah Island in South Carolina last week, Trump also commented on US companies moving to Ireland because taxes were too high in the US.

The Red C poll was taken between February 18 and 21, interviewing 1,002 adults at random.

H/T: Newstalk