A staggering three out of four people who were surveyed in Ireland said they would consider leaving the country in the next three years if the economy does not improve.

The survey also found that a quarter of accountants said they would move because of the weather, reports the Irish Examiner.

The survey was carried out by a recruitment firm called Hays Ireland, and found that a third of the people who took part in the survey had already left the country in the last three years to seek work.

The results reported in the Irish Examiner found that three in five of those who have left Ireland believe the quality of life is better where they now reside. That 27% of respondents left for Britain, 22% for another European country, 15% for Australasia and 7% for North America.

The general consensus amongst the people in Ireland is that the economic situation will not improve, leaving very little confidence for their future if they were to stay.


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 Managing director of Hays Ireland Richard Eardley tells the Irish Examiner, "There appears to be a mismatch in the areas of employment our Government are investing in and the skills that currently exist in the country. The Government’s jobs initiative, although welcome, has not instilled confidence among professionals."

It's not just the economic downturn that has Irish professionals emigrating to further fields, but the Irish weather has proven to much to handle in addition to the daily grind of recessionary times.

"The attraction of a warmer climate is always going to exist for accountants and other global qualification holders. However, it’s critical Ireland gives talented workers who have emigrated something to come back for — more jobs, competitive salaries and an improved economic situation," Mr Eardley tells the Irish Examiner.

It appears that accountancy professionals are seeking a better work-life balance, while IT workers want bigger salaries and to develop their career, and construction workers moved purely to get work.

Over the coming year another 75,000 will leave IrelandGoogle Images