A $50 round trip fare from Newark, NJ to Dublin? That is what the United.com website was offering on Wednesday and Thursday.

Too good to be true? Maybe.

Due to a computer glitch passengers were able to purchase round trip tickets from Newark to Dublin for the just $49.40 the cost of the taxes, according to Huffington Post.

Mashable.com reported that vistors were able to “trick” the site into thinking they had far more frequent fliers miles than they actually did.

By booking the tickets on two different tabs of the browser they were able to redeem limitless miles.

However United are now saying they will not honor those reservations because of the "knowing manipulation of United.com," said United spokesman Charlie Hobart. However those who bought the tickets are striking back saying they did nothing illegal.

They say their tickets are valid as they did nothing illegal..

A petition by change.org addressed to United CEO Jeff Smisek reads

“United Airlines Inc. is accusing their customers of 'intentional manipulation' of their website in order to achieve these discounted rates. In reality all one had to do in order to have 'intentionally manipulated' their website was have two tabs open when searching for tickets, or simply press the refresh button on the window they were currently on. Both of these are common practice for anyone looking for tickets for a flight...”

United has had serious problems with similar issues this past few months and honored the tickets. This time however, they appear to be standing firm against allowing them.