Two major protests have been planned for Belfast this Saturday, the day before leaders of eight of the world's most powerful countries will meet at the Lough Erne Golf Resort in Co. Fermanagh.

Thousands are expected to descend on Belfast for the protests which, one of which is against world hunger, the second organized by trade unions who will protest against the G8.

UTV reports that round the clock security will be in place for Belfast’s landmark buildings including Belfast City Hall, Belfast International Airport and the Stormont estate.

Thousands of PNSI officers will be joined by 3,500 public order police from England and Wales, as well as almost 1,000 Irish garda for the major security operation.

“If we look at the history of other G8 events, there has been a level of protest particularly around key economic sites, as well as major iconic and political sites," PSNI Chief Superintendent Alan McCrum said.

"So from a Belfast point of view, we wanted to be satisfied that we have police resources out well in advance to minimise the risk of attack on any of those economic or major iconic sites.

"That being said, there is nothing at this point to indicate that that will in fact happen."

A specially erected fence surrounds the luxury Lough Erne resort in Enniskillen and a no-fly zone has been put in place between 5pm and midnight from next Sunday to Tuesday.

"Currently our estimation of any people causing trouble is fairly low,” Assistant Chief Constable Alistair Finlay said.

"We are prepared for people coming and causing some degree of trouble. We're ready should the unfortunate eventuality of trouble appear.

Speaking about the ongoing dissident threat he said: "We've nothing to suggest that dissidents will let up.

"We expect something all the time. That's our normal business - that's the sad reality of Northern Ireland.

"The sad background to Northern Ireland has seen the tempo of attacks predominantly on my officers and security personnel. There's nothing to suggest that this is going to stop."