March, besides being the month that celebrates women’s beauty (Mar 8) and welcomes spring (Mar 21) is the month of St Patrick’s celebrations in Ireland (Mar 17), where thousands of visitors come to assist at parades and festivals organized in the Emerald isle for this occasion.

Further to this, the last 20 years have seen a huge promotion of St. Patrick’s Day abroad with the scope of advertising Irish tourism worldwide. Following this direction, Tourism Ireland has come up with the marvelous idea of The Annual Global Greening initiative, where the famous attractions and sites around the world go green on March 17 to mark Saint Patrick’s day and Ireland.

Over the years (the first time was 2010) a large number of national landmarks have been exceptionally green such as the wild Niagara Falls in Canada the futuristic Sydney Opera House in Australia the luxurious Palm Fountain in Dubai, the historical Gwrych Castle in Wales, the Welcome Sign in Las Vegas (USA) and the Christ the Redeemer in Brazil.

Admiring those landmarks “wearing” for one night the green color is amazing. Thanks to this initiative every 17th of March there will be a piece of Ireland everywhere. In Italy, this is also the case, where for this year 35 national treasures were chosen to be part of the Annual Global Greening. Amongst them, there is the Tower of Pisa, the most famous leaning tower in the world that marks its presence for the sixth time.

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As the above picture shows, the last time that Pisa Tower went green was in 2019, making the visitors speechless as they saw this giant tower in a different light. According to ( the foundation that manages the visitor services of the Pisa tower) the tower with its 57 meters of height is considered one of the tallest 18th-century towers in the world. Furthermore “the tower in green” gets such high visibility that in 2019, it was seen even from Corsica[2] by using a high-tech camera. As most people already knew, besides being tall and lavishly decorated the tower of Pisa is famous because of its inclination. Today the Leaning Tower of Pisa is more than five meters off perpendicular. Since it was built, the architects and engineers have tried to correct this by making the remaining stories shorter on the uphill side – but to no avail. It kept leaning more and more.

Nowadays, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is a perfect example of an architectural mistake that becomes a success, considering that in 2019 (pre-Covid-19 era) almost 5 million people visited the tower, and even though this year due to the Covid-19 restriction it could be seen only virtually, it will be a useful vehicle that reminds people of Ireland is a place to visit in the bucket list of the things to do when the pandemic will be over.

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