The main findings from this quarter's Cpl Employment Monitor include a slight drop in jobs growth for the first time in five years, the promising fact that the Irish unemployment rate is now just 6.3% - the lowest jobless rate since June 2008 and that the Finance industry is strengthening. These findings are based on two main sources: the Cpl Job Index - the number of new roles by category registered with Cpl, Ireland’s largest recruitment agency, month-on-month and feedback from job seekers registered with Cpl.

Job listings have fallen for the first time in five years.

For the first time in five years, the number of jobs posted has fallen in year-on-year terms, a fact which it’s possible Brexit has played a role in. Sales & Marketing is one sector which remains stable, however, IT & Telecoms and Science, Engineering and Supply Chain have all slowed down in terms of job listings.

It’s a job seekers market

Each quarter Cpl asks job seekers and employers whether they think it’s an employer’s market or a job seekers market. This quarter the gap has narrowed considerably and is now just 0.8, whereas it was 1.4 this time last year. This means job seekers are now more confident in finding jobs, a positive sentiment across all sectors.

Strongest industry is finance and banking

The Accountancy, Finance & Banking sector continued to perform very strongly, with listings roughly one quarter higher than the 2016 average. Brexit may strengthen this industry further, with experts suggesting investment banks may move from London to cities such as Dublin. 

Overall this quarter's Employment Monitor indicates positive trends, especially for those of you looking for a job in the Irish finance, banking, and sales and marketing sectors.

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