During his summer vacation Alex Goodison built a Tinder-style app that allows you to swipe for the news you want

A 14-year-old Irish teenager has invented a Tinder-style app that allows you to swipe for the news you want to hear about.

Inspired by the popular dating app Tinder, which allows users to swipe right if they like the look of someone and left it they don’t, Swiipe allows users to access news through swiping.

Up to 50 different sources of news can be used on the app and if a user wants to read one they can tap to read it straight away, swipe left to ignore it or swipe right to save it for later.

What did your #teen do this #summer? @alex_goodison is 14yo & built @SWIIPEnews got to #1 on @ProductHunt #AMA https://t.co/4fb4S7FPHh pic.twitter.com/t8MbauorYk

— AMAfeed (@AMAfeed) September 10, 2017

"I would like to read the news more often, but I never found a certain app that had me coming back," founder Alex Goodison told Product Hunt.

It is, he said, "a different take on viewing the headlines by a 14-year-old."

And he says people are already messaging him to say just how useful they find it.

"People have contacted me and said this is now their daily news app," he added.

Delighted to present Special Award to Alex Goodison @ColaisteIosaef on behalf of @IrishSciTeach @BTYSTE for project PocketKnow #BTYSTE pic.twitter.com/8nls3jzR9S

— Mary Mullaghy (@mmeureka) January 19, 2017

It’s not even the first app he’s built. Goodison learnt to code from watching YouTube tutorials and a few paid classes and has so far built five apps – including one to help his fellow high school students study for exams.

After he finishes school in 2021 he hopes to move to America and doesn’t think a college degree would be much good to him if he goes into tech.

"For the job I want to do, university isn't famously attended," he says. But first he has to sit his Junior Certificate next summer. "There are big exams at the end of the year. I didn't expect Swiipe to do this well," he concludes.

"I still have to do a lot of studying."

H/T: Mashable