McNutt Donegal is a proud family-run business with a small dedicated team, that creates unique Irish handwoven pieces.

Behind the doors of a mill in the small village of Downings, County Donegal, the craftsman, and women of McNutt Donegal produce luxury pieces, from throws, cushions, scarves, and even tea towels! Opening their doors in the 1950s, the family-run business has been handcrafting pieces for more than 60 years. The business has been passed down to the next generation and now Peter and William, the sons of the original owner Bill, have continued to keep the family tradition and designs alive.

The IrishCentral Box is proud to partner with McNutt of Donegal and brings these Irish designs straight to the door of our subscribers.

McNutt Donegal brings a pop of color to any home

McNutt Donegal brings a pop of color to any home

A history of McNutt of Donegal

McNutt of Donegal is a family-run mill that was founded in the 1950s by Bill McNutt. They began by handweaving tweed at a time when tweed was an everyday fabric. This continued until the 1990s when they moved to weaving Irish linen for large fashion houses, which was valued among the textile industry for its exceptional coolness and freshness in hot and humid weather.

Unfortunately, a recession hit the Irish linen market in 2008 but undeterred McNutt decided to return full circle to weaving what they know best – wool! They now make products from all types of wool, from lamb to alpaca and cashmere. When restrictions permit McNutt normally operates a craft and gift shop, as well as an experience theater on the site of the original mill, the place where their story began. Here customers have the chance to discover the inspiration behind their collections. 

Stylish products from McNutt Donegal

Stylish products from McNutt Donegal

McNutt of Donegal products 

Every collection is designed in-house by a small and dedicated team of craftsmen and women. Working in a mill in the seaside village of Downings, on the north-west coast of Ireland, the team weave throws for the home along with accessories for everyday life. For McNutt of Donegal, Irish design is everything and they remain constantly inspired by the rugged coastline and nature's playground that surrounds them.

Speaking to IrishCentral, McNutt of Donegal says it brings them joy to see their Irish creations go out into the world. Their belief is that “nothing feels better” when it comes to their products and they hope customers feel the same when they wear and feel one of their handcrafted pieces.

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For more information, visit or follow them on Instagram. Visit McNutt of Donegal at The Pier, Downings, Co. Donegal. Call them on +353(0)749 155 662.