At the heart of a growing Irish and Irish American community, the Celtic Ranch, in Missouri, boasts of Irish clothing, gifts, jewelry, and its very own Whiskey Snug.

Across the country, local Irish and Celtic shops represent the heartbeat of Irish culture in their communities, a place for Irish Americans to connect with their roots and for those in the larger community to learn more about everything Ireland has to offer. During this unprecedented time, IrishCentral is shining a light on local Irish stores and the dedicated shop owners who pour their hearts and souls into providing the best possible experiences for their customers.

Back in May 2005, Terry Kast, at Head Honcho at Celtic Ranch Irish store, started her business, inspired by her own dreams of traveling in Ireland with her family and edged on by her own mother's grá (love) for Ireland. Purveyors of men and women's Irish clothing, Irish gifts, Irish jewelry, whiskey gifts, and host to special events, the Celtic Ranch is clearly a business filled with passion. 

Kast told IrishCentral it was "a life long-planned trip to Ireland with family" that drove her to establish Celtic Ranch. 

"Ireland felt familiar and like 'home'  I was captivated. I schemed a plan to buy things and resell them at local events to fund my travels to Ireland."

She continued, "My mother’s grandmother Susan Mullins was from Sligo.  My mother yearned for Ireland her whole life."

The Celtic Ranch Irish store, in Weston, MO

The Celtic Ranch Irish store, in Weston, MO

The Celtic Ranch, located in historic Weston, Missouri, just outside Kansas City, is happily located in a strong and growing Irish community. 

"The Kansas City area is 19 percent Irish.  Now with genealogy tests, all sorts of people are finding out they are Irish," Kast pointed out. Quite happily, they like to buy Irish. 

"After 15 years we have a strong customer base.  But we are also in a destination market and get day-trippers and travelers regularly."

Kast travels to Ireland every January to visit the Showcase - Ireland's Creative Expo, at the RDS in Dublin. She said  that these trips allow her "to keep our merchandise fresh and alive." She also finds inspiration in stores around Ireland.

The Celtic Ranch's products are wide-ranging but Kast says "We see Irish menswear sell most successfully." This includes Celtic Gent, Mucros Weavers, Retro Ireland, and West End Sweaters.

Among the products that Celtic Ranch simply could not do without are men’s flat caps, both Hanna and Mucros Weavers and Mucros women’s hats, capes. and purses.

Kast added "We have begun our own branded line CelticRanchwear.

"We also sell whiskey in the back at the Whiskey Snug.  After visiting Jameson I thought 'what is more Irish than whiskey...I mean we invented the stuff'.  I have an alter ego 'whiskey cowgirl' and review whiskey."

The Celtic Ranch Whiskey Snug, Weston, MO.

The Celtic Ranch Whiskey Snug, Weston, MO.

With fine tweeds, wools, and knits as well as warming whiskey it's little wonder that the winter months are the busiest for Celtic Ranch. 

"We do about half of our business in the last four months of the year. Fall and Christmas events keep our town busy. Plus Irish clothing is for cooler weather so sales are highest then," Kast told IrishCentral.

The historic town of Weston celebrates many special occasions throughout the year including the Irish Fest, an Apple Fest, and a Homes Tour. Celtic Ranch also hosts a "Paddy’s Party" and a Christmas party.

During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, Celtic Ranch adapted. As they already had an online store, their clientele were able to continue to enjoy their Irish products. The store also provided a curbside pick up for customers selling whiskey among other things. They continue to provide an online reserve / buy and collect service and provide free deliveries on orders over $45.

Thankfully the Celtic Ranch has been back open since May 4 and has been busy ever since.

Celtic Ranch is located at 404 Main Street, Weston, MO 64098. You can call them on +1 816-640-2881. Email them at Visit their online stores at or You can also visit them on Facebook @TheCetlicRanch or @KiltmanKilts

Check out this TV news feature, from 2018, on the Celtic Ranch:

Kathy Quinn and Fox 4 News on location at The Celtic Ranch in Weston, Mo.

Huge thanks to Kathy Quinn and FOX4 News Kansas City for being our guests in the store yesterday. Come and see us at the Kansas City Irish Fest this weekend!

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* Originally published in July 2020.