Celtic Knot Works jewelry is known for its Celtic animal pendants, Viking rune jewelry, award-winning Celtic Tree of Life, and unique gifts.

“I’ve always loved the Irish attitude about travel,” said Bob Heiney, designer and owner of Celtic Knot Works. “They say your feet will bring you where your heart is. My goal is to make sure you’re dressed for the journey in proper Celtic style.”

Treasure Boxes for Travel: Ideal for Medications, Small Essentials

When you’re on the go, keeping track of your medications or other small essentials can be a pain.

Celtic Knot Works treasure boxes are pocket-sized stainless steel and wooden cases that securely contain and protect your petite must-have items. They've been created in eleven distinct designs, including the Celtic Tree of Life, Thor’s Hammer, and most popular, the Celtic Raven."

“I actually carry a couple of these myself, including one with Viking Travel Runes inside," explained Bob.

We asked Bob which Celtic Knot Works products are best for adventurers, and here’s what he had to say:

May I Never Lose My Way: The Viking Compass

“Irish culture was heavily influenced by the Vikings, and vice-versa. In exploring the many connections, I found the perfect symbol for the adventurer, Vegvisir, the Viking Compass,” Bob said.

“Our pendant version is created in fine, hand cast American pewter with the traditional symbol of protection and guidance on one side and the words “May I never lose my way, in storms or bad weather, even when the way is not known.”  

While Vegvisir may not be as reliable as a modern GPS, generations have turned to it as a source of comfort and strength while they navigate life’s challenges. And if you’ve ever been the responsible adult on a family vacation, you know those challenges are out there!

A Glimpse Around the Corner: The Lure of Gemstone Pendulums

“Celtic mythology is rich in tales about mystic, magical ways people used to get a glimpse of the future,” Bob explained. “Today, people really love having a simple, easy-to-use divination tool that’s also beautiful.

Pendulums have been used since the dawn of time to strengthen intuition, relax the conscious mind, and ease decision-making. Whether you’re choosing your next travel destination or trying to figure out where you put your passport, a gemstone pendulum can help.”

Celtic Knot Works uses natural, hand-cut, and polished Brazilian gemstones for their pendulums. They are paired with hand-cast fine American pewter charms 

Of the eight different designs, the Celtic Moon Phases and the wise Celtic Owl appear to have the most fans. Pendulums are pocket-sized, so they travel well. Entertaining when you’re stuck in the airport, comforting when you’re not sure where the road you’re on is going. 

Strength for the Journey: The Resilience Rune

“My final recommendation is for the one thing every traveler needs – resilience!” Bob said. “The road isn’t always easy, but you have to hang in there and keep going.” A Viking rune scholar for many years, Bob designed the Resilience Bindrune incorporating 4 traditional Elder Futhark Runes – specifically the symbols for Strength, Protection, Resilience,  and Victory. 

This truly unique Resilience Rune is available in a fine pewter pendant, on a t-shirt, and as a keychain. 

What’s Coming Next for Celtic Knot Works?

"Exciting things are happening. I’m not allowed to spill the beans just yet, but we are partnering with a prestige soap maker to develop cool new things that will arrive in time for the holiday season. And our partnership with Dryad Teas continues, stronger than ever – the new Celtic Dragonfly tea has just launched to rave reviews."

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