St. Patrick's Day is a joyous reminder to all across the world of the culture and heritage of Ireland. IrishCentral is marking the occasion by introducing our newest boxes, each evoking the spirit of the holiday.

It is certain that for this year's feast of St. Patrick's, the Irish in your heart is especially missing Ireland and all its bounty more now than ever, so we at IrishCentral have assembled a parade of Irish wares guaranteed to delight the senses and excite your imagination, bringing your homeland, home to you. 

IrishCentral has produced three distinctive boxes, each priced and created with a true taste of Ireland in mind.  The Shamrock Box is our most compact box featuring goods from across the Isle, including Bewley's, the renowned Irish tea, Brid O'Kane embroidery art, and a calendar from Kilcoe Studios.  

Our medium-sized box is the 4-Leaf Clover which holds all the wonders of the Shamrock Box plus an array of extras including a gem from the Turf Peat Incense Company.  

And, finally, in celebration of this iconic day, our green team at IrishCentral designed an exclusive St. Patrick's Box, which includes all the amazing products in the Shamrock and the 4-Leaf Clover Boxes and much, much more, such as a dazzling handwoven throw and a piece of collectible, handcrafted pewter.  

IrishCentral values its audience and is proud of its loyalty,  and as the words say on our box.

From our Shore to your Door!   Go raibh maith agat (Thank you)! 

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