From pocket watches to decorative flames, this family-run business takes inspiration from Ireland's Celtic history.

Mullingar Pewter, in County Westmeath, a family-run company since 1974, most popular products include chess sets, whiskey flasks, and tumblers and all the designs have been inspired by Irish history and lore.

With St. Patrick's Day around the corner, The IrishCentral Box has launched three distinctive boxes, each priced and created with a true taste of Ireland in mind. Among the Irish products featured in the St. Patrick's Day boxes include an item from Mullingar Pewter.

A history of Mullingar Pewter

 Mullingar Pewter was established in 1974 by Paddy Collins, a local businessman in Mullingar. Paddy got a number of local businessmen in the town to join with him in forming the company.

Paddy’s son, Peter, was also involved from the outset and as time passed both Paddy and Peter took control of the company. In 1994, Mullingar Pewter moved to a green-field site and built a new premises, where the company has recently opened a gift shop and coffee shop. 

Currently, there are 35 people employed at Mullingar Pewter. The premise is situated alongside a busy motorway and there is always a great buzz in and around the building.

Mullingar Pewter's Clonmacnoise cross.

Mullingar Pewter's Clonmacnoise cross.

Mullingar Pewter's products

Mullingar Pewter's product range €2 to €600. They have a large range of gentlemen's pocket watches, jewelry boxes, whiskey flasks, tankards, goblets, chess sets, picture frames, souvenir items just to mention a few. The most popular items are pocket watches, jewelry boxes, chess sets, whiskey flasks, and tumblers.

The company has always been inspired by the enormous amount of ancient high crosses, monuments,  and stone carvings that are scattered throughout Ireland. Mullingar Pewter has also been very taken by the many ornate manuscripts, such as the Book of Kells and the Book of Durrow. The influence of Celtic design is easy to see in their many decorative ranges.

Mullingar Pewter's gentleman's pocket watch.

Mullingar Pewter's gentleman's pocket watch.

The designs are very much Irish. Mullingar Pewter has been influenced for years now by their surroundings. Living and working in the heart of the countryside, Mullingar Pewter's range is totally Irish. They make items that are only found in Ireland like high crosses, round towers, and dolmans. 

In recent years, Mullingar Pewter has begun to make more souvenir items as the market changed. People now travel light and airlines dictate what can and cannot be moved freely. People now take shorter breaks and more of them. Souvenirs are easy pickup items and do not encroach on easy travel. 

Mullingar Pewter mug.

Mullingar Pewter mug.

Shopping the Mullingar Pewter range

Mullingar Pewter's products are available from all good gift shops throughout Ireland and in the many Irish and Celtic shops in the USA and Canada. They are also online at where their full range can be viewed, and we sell too many other website companies.

In recent times they have been forced to sell more on their website and the many other websites that carry our goods. The vast majority of Irish shops are closed, but in the USA they still manage to supply many gift shops. The pandemic has been difficult, but they will see their way through it and look forward to better days ahead.

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For more information visit or follow them on Facebook, InstagramTwitter, or LinkedIn. Visit Mullingar Pewter at Greatdown, The Downs, Mullingar, Co.  Westmeath, N91 A7KP. Call them on +353 44 934 8791.