The Irish tin whistle, dating back to the 12th century in Ireland, is a wonderful instrument to start anyone on their journey to learning traditional Irish music.

Made in Dublin for over 40 years, the Feadóg, also called the tin whistle, is the perfect Irish gift. The IrishCentral Box is proud to feature the Feadóg Irish whistle as part of its first quarterly subscription box, the holiday box.

The Irish tin whistle has a long history in Ireland. Fragments of a 12th-century Norman bone whistle were found intact in Ireland but it wasn't until the 19th-century that the instrument truly gained popularity. Now wonderful musicians, such as Paddy Moloney and Joanie Madden, have made the tin whistle world-famous and hugely popular. 

The IrishCentral Box is happy to continue spreading this tradition by delivering the Feadóg whistle around the world to its subscribers.

This Feadóg whistle is perfect for beginners and more experienced music players. The company's presentation pack contains a Feadóg brass whistle, in the key of D, with a fingering chart and an instruction sheet with several songs to the party started.

These Irish tin whistles play a crisp sound at a loud volume, through its brass cylinder and molded-plastic mouthpiece. They're affordable, high-quality, require minimal air requirements, and are great for beginners. 

Feadóg, Irish Whistles history

The company Feadóg Teoranta ( the Irish for “Whistles Ltd.”) was founded in Dublin, in 1978, with the aim of producing high-quality, traditional Irish whistle (commonly referred to as “tin whistle” or “penny whistle”), made in Ireland and was affordable to anyone who wanted to play music.

The Feadóg! Ireland's traditional tin whistle.

The Feadóg! Ireland's traditional tin whistle.

Since then, the company has stuck firmly to that principle and has gone from strength to strength.

In 2018,  Feadóg celebrated its 40th anniversary, which afforded them the opportunity to look back on the company's history of bringing music to people around the world. They're also looking forward to the future and bringing new Feadóg products to the world whilst maintaining the same high level of quality and affordability to its customers. 

For more information, you can contact Feadóg @ 8 The Westway Centre, Ballymount Avenue, Dublin 12, D12 E899. Tel: +353-1-4569533. Visit or email Follow them on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

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