From our shore to your door! Let The IrishCentral Box spread a little holiday joy,  delivering the most perfect gift for the Irish and Irish at heart separated from home this Christmas. 

This year 2020 will truly go down in history as one of the strangest and sadly this Christmas will be no different. Many of us have suffered tragedy due to the COVID-19 pandemic and many more of us have been separated from our family, friends, and homeland for longer than we'd like. 

This Christmas those buying gifts are trying to support local and it doesn't come more local and Irish than The IrishCentral Box.  This quarterly subscription box delivers the best of Ireland around the world. The IrishCentral Box will arrive at your loved one's door and take them on a journey, showcasing the best of Ireland in a box.

The IrishCentral Box was launched with the Holiday Box this October, but this is just the beginning. IrishCentral will offer amazing boxes quarterly throughout the year, each seasonal package distinctively Irish, with a special discount included should you decide to sign up for the yearly subscription. 

The “Nollaig” (meaning “Christmas” in Irish) box is priced at $60.00. However, you can have a new box delivered to your home each quarter, at a price of $199.99 for an entire year. 

The “Féile” (meaning “festive”) box is priced at $149.99, or receive a new box delivered to your door each quarter, at a price of $529.99 for the entire year. These yearly discount savings are substantial.  

Let IrishCentral "rise up and meet you" with The IrishCentral Box, our way of keeping you and yours connected to Ireland.

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