4,800 people were granted Irish citizenship in six ceremonies which took place on Monday, June 10 and Tuesday, June 11 at the INEC Killarney in Co Kerry.

The ceremonies saw applicants from 138 countries around the world and living in 18 counties on the island of Ireland being conferred as Irish citizens.

Speaking ahead of the ceremonies, Ireland's Minister for Justice Helen McEntee said: “Citizenship ceremonies are wonderful celebration where we welcome our newest citizens on this milestone in their lives.

"Attendees will make a declaration of fidelity to the Irish nation and loyalty to the State, a fundamental step in becoming Irish.

"Each individual is demonstrating their strong commitment to our country and the values we stand for.

"I would like to warmly congratulate all those who have chosen to become a citizen of this nation and thank them for their significant contribution to our culture, economy, and society.”

Scenes from the June 2024 Irish citizenship ceremonies in Killarney, Co Kerry. (Eamon Ward)

Scenes from the June 2024 Irish citizenship ceremonies in Killarney, Co Kerry. (Eamon Ward)

The Presiding Officers at the ceremonies were retired Justice Mary Irvine and Justice Paddy McMahon who administered the Declaration of Fidelity to the Irish Nation and Loyalty to the State.

The new Irish citizens will undertake to faithfully observe the laws of the State and to respect its democratic values.

Ireland's Department of Justice said new Irish citizens are contributing to a diverse and inclusive workforce, bringing a range of skills and talents that enhance the overall capabilities of the labour market and economy.

Congratulations to the 4,800 new Irish citizens who were granted Irish citizenship here in Killarney yesterday and today. Applicants came from 138 countries around the world and are living in 18 counties across the island of Ireland. The Presiding Officers at the ceremonies were… pic.twitter.com/SnYObEJXFi

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Ireland's Department of Justice outlined the top ten nationalities who received Irish citizenship this week, as well as the counties in Ireland in which they live. 

Top 10 Nationalities of applicants:

  1. India - 995
  2. United Kingdom - 416
  3. Brazil - 294
  4. Philippines - 291
  5. Poland - 271
  6. Romania - 245
  7. South Africa - 231
  8. Nigeria - 206
  9. Pakistan - 205
  10. United States Of America - 119

County and number of applicants:

  • Co. Cork - 1003
  • Co. Kildare - 631
  • Co. Dublin -  503
  • Co. Meath - 457
  • Co. Galway - 445
  • Co. Limerick - 370
  • Co. Wicklow - 285
  • Co. Waterford - 241
  • Co. Wexford - 189
  • Co. Tipperary - 160
  • Co. Kerry - 158
  • Co. Westmeath - 158
  • Co. Laois - 156
  • Co. Clare - 131
  • Co. Mayo - 119
  • Co. Kilkenny - 104
  • Co. Carlow - 89
  • Co. Offaly - 85

Scenes from the June 2024 Irish citizenship ceremonies in Killarney, Co Kerry. (Eamon Ward)

Scenes from the June 2024 Irish citizenship ceremonies in Killarney, Co Kerry. (Eamon Ward)

This week was the second round of Irish citizenship ceremonies this year. In February, around 1,200 people were granted Irish citizenship during two ceremonies in Dublin.

In December 2023, 6,000 applicants were invited to receive Irish citizenship across six separate ceremonies in the Convention Centre in Dublin.

There have been a total of 175 Irish citizenship ceremonies in Ireland since they were first introduced in 2011.

According to Ireland's Department of Justice, approximately 176,000 people have received Irish citizenship since 2011. That figure includes the attendees at the February 2024 ceremonies and applicants who received citizenship via the Declaration process introduced in response to the COVID pandemic, as well as minors who are not required to attend a Ceremony.

Minister McEntee announced last October that people are now able to apply for Irish Citizenship online.