Now there’s a great new way to connect to Ireland and get your Irish on this St. Patrick’s Day. Just in time for our national day that’s celebrated worldwide, RTÉ has launched a new worldwide online Irish television service, RTÉ Player International. With over 500 hours of Irish television there’s never been a better way to stay up to date with the news, events and the “craic” from home.

Launched as an iPhone and iPad app and available to download from the App Store, you can start feasting on hundreds of hours of great Irish television content with the new RTÉ Player International app. From just-aired TV programmes to box sets and collections you can discover some of Ireland’s most popular shows, including “The Late Late Show”, “Six One News”, “Primetime”, “Callan’s Kick’s”, “Second Captains Live”, “Republic of Telly”, “The Meaning of Life,” and much more besides.

With over 500 hours of free and paid for content covering everything from news and current affairs, comedy, entertainment, documentaries, drama, lifestyle, Irish language and kids programmes, the new app is jam packed with shows for you to enjoy. And the great thing is the content will be continuously expanded with selected just-aired content added daily and new programmes added regularly.

Available to download from the app store for free, users can access 100 hours of free content, refreshed daily and the full content offering of 500 hours can be accessed and watched free of advertising for a monthly subscription of €8.99 ($8.99/ £6.99) through the Apple Store.

Our top TV pick’s for St. Patrick’s Day

So whether you want to watch the St. Patrick’s Day festivities as they rolls through the heart of Dublin City, watch some great Irish documentaries in our special Ireland Collection about our pagan past or the secrets of the Irish landscape or just have a laugh with our Comedy Classics Special including top Irish comedians Oliver Callan and PJ Gallagher, you can celebrate all things Irish with RTÉ Player International.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Ireland (Tues, 17th March, 12.20pm – 1.50pm Irish Time)

Watch the parade as it meanders through the streets of Dublin for St Patrick’s Day. Featuring Ireland’s leading pageant companies, the 2015 Festival Parade theme ‘Celebrate Now’ will be brought to life with fantastical creations and thrilling performances.

“Other Voices” – Hozier special

The Irish US chart topping musician Hozier, gives an in-depth interview revealing his musical influences and the significance of his first Other Voices festival.

Ireland The Collection

Celebrate all things Ireland with our special Ireland Collection this St. Patrick’s Day, including some great documentaries.

“Man on Bridge”

Don’t miss this gripping documentary telling the extraordinary story of legendary Dublin street photographer Arthur Fields. Having spent 50 years, from the 1930s to the 1980s, taking photographs on O’Connell Bridge, Arthur left a lasting impression on the people of Dublin.

“Secret Sights”

It’s our pagan past the way you never learned it in school. “Secret Sights”, a six-part documentary series, reveals some of the secrets of Ireland’s Celtic and pre-Christian past.

“The Secrets of the Irish Landscape”

For this major three part series Derek Mooney goes on an epic journey around Ireland and Europe, looking back 20,000 years to unravel the true enigma surrounding Ireland’s unique and stunning eco system.

Comedy classics special

You won’t miss out on the “craic” this St. Patrick’s Day with our comedy classics special featuring some top Irish comedies including “Naked Camera”, “Callan’s Kicks”, “Dan and Becs,” and “Hardy Bucks”.

“Naked Camera”

This popular hidden-camera comedy series unleashes larger than life characters on the unsuspecting Irish public. Comedians PJ Gallagher, Patrick McDonnell, and Maeve Higgins play comedy gold characters like Jake Stevens, English Geeser and Dirty Auld Wan.

“Callan’s Kicks”

Irish comedian Oliver Callan and his gang are sure to give you a great laugh. The satirical comedy sketch show features characters like Rachel Allen, Paul Galvin, Ray D’Arcy, Marty Morrissey, BOD and Amy, and not forgetting Enda Kenny.

“Dan & Becs”

“Dan & Becs” is a comedy that intercuts the video diaries of the two main characters as they discuss their tumultuous relationships, blossoming careers, and the many perils of living life on Dublin’s Southside.

“Hardy Bucks”

Mockumentary comedy following a group of four slackers in the west of Ireland as they try to escape the drudgery of everyday life in Castletown whilst being thwarted by arch enemy and small time gangster wannabe “The Viper.”

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