An Irish broom dancer (Irish dancing with a broom as near as we can figure it) is the latest star hit in “Britain’s Got Talent” even if Simon Cowell wanted him swept away.

The cranky Brit did not take to Oliver Moroney’s high-stepping antics as he twirled the broom and danced from side to side.

Oliver is a well-known local figure in Tipperary who shows up with his broom at many dances and even did a striptease, down to his Tipperary hurling team shirt and jersey.

This prompted Simon Cowell to ask, “Is this an act?”

Simon was the only judge to hit his buzzer to cancel him. The other three judges liked Oliver's bizarre act, as did the Belfast crowd who applauded loudly.

Another judge, comedian David Walliams (yes it is spelled like that), remarked that he felt that the dance had “a huge sense of tension. Will you touch the brush or not?”

Simon scowled and said, “It’s not Riverdance is it?” Amanda Holden told the Tipperary man, “You and your white kneecaps are through to the next round!”

Since the victory Oliver reports a huge increase in interest in his broom dance routine, but promises he will not get swept up in the excitement!