Pope Francis has been invited to watch the controversial, Oscar-nominated film ‘Philomena,’ which has been called a ‘hateful’ attack on Catholicism by one New York critic. 

A spokesman for the Stephen Frears’ drama told the Daily Mail that talks with the Vatican were under way about arranging a private screening of the film for the pope. 

“We asked for an audience with the Pope and we are in talks with the Vatican about screening the movie to Pope Francis.

“This has been done through an intermediary and we have had a very good reception.”

Based on Martin Sixsmith’s book ‘The Lost Child of Philomena Lee,’ the film tells the story of an Irishwoman’s journey to be reunited with her son, who was taken from her by nuns and sold for adoption.

The movie has upset many factions of the Catholic faith who accuse the filmmakers of distorting the truth about the order of Irish nuns portrayed in the film.

Lee, who is played by Dame Judi Dench in the movie, is leading the Philomena Project, a campaign to persuade Ireland to open adoption records for mothers whose children ended up in the U.S.

Said the film’s spokesman: “We hope that if the Pope does see the movie, his wisdom will influence decision-making.”

The Daily Mail reports that the film’s producer, Harvey Weinstein, traveled to Switzerland last month to meet with Vatican representatives and is coordinating the screening.

, his wisdom will influence decision making