A row has erupted between Hollywood star Russell Crowe and Irish reporter Niamh Walsh. She upset Crowe at the premiere of ‘NOAH,’ his latest movie, over the weekend in Dublin.

The reporter asked if his rugby team would ever play against Ireland, prompting Crowe to explain that the South Sydney Rabbitohs play Rugby League and not Rugby Union.

The Mail Online reporter asked the actor again, to which he irately responds "do you understand what I'm saying? They're different sports."

Walsh then hit back at Crowe, telling him he also makes mistakes, in particular when he referred to Ireland as part of the UK.

The reporter tweeted yesterday, "at least I know geography.. Ireland is not in the UK. #fearlessjourno." She got this response from Crowe: "fearless journo my ass. You're just a plonker who didn't get the answer you'd predetermined & you got shirty.fail."

He later tweeted this message: "I know Ireland is a sovereign nation. You can imply I don't love Ireland but it won't stick, love the place, love the people."

The video has been uploaded twice, once by ClickTV with the title 'Russell Crowe Schools Reporter at the Dublin Premiere' and once by Evoke.ie with the title ' Russell Crowe Being Rude to Reporter at Dublin Noah Premiere'.

Row erupted on Twitter after reporter ruffled Russell Crowe's feathers following Dublin premiere.Getty