A new study has ranked Dublin among the top ten most relaxing cities in the world thanks, in part, to its relatively low noise and light pollution levels.

The study, commissioned by travel insurance provider PayingTooMuch, analyzed cities across the world based on a number of metrics, including noise pollution levels, light pollution levels, the number of walking trails, happiness scores, and the quality of green spaces and parks.

As part of the study, PayingTooMuch analyzed 50 of the happiest cities in the world to determine the most chilled-out place to visit. 

Dublin placed ninth in the study, performing well in terms of noise and light pollution levels in addition to the quality of its green spaces. 

The study also found that Dublin has the second-highest number of walking trails per person of the cities surveyed, while it ranks as the 12th happiest city in the world. 

Sydney, Australia ranked as the most relaxed city in the world in the new study, boasting a huge number of parks and walking trails. 

The Austrian capital of Vienna was in second place thanks to its incredibly low light and noise pollution levels as well as the quality of its green spaces, while Melbourne completed the top three. 

Honolulu was the highest-ranked American city in the study, placing fourth, with San Diego placing seventh. 

Elsewhere, the Dutch capital of Amsterdam ranked fifth, with Kyoto, Japan ranked as the sixth-most relaxed city in the world. 

Berlin (eighth) and Prague (tenth) completed the top ten, while Durham was ranked as the most-relaxed city in the UK.

"Whether you’re looking for a chilled-out environment with clean air, wide spaces, and green parks or it’s really the hustle and bustle of a busy city that excites you, it’s worth doing your research to make sure your chosen destination is the right one for you," PayingTooMuch representative Darren Saunders said in a statement.