Shilelagh Law performed live on July 10 to help raise funds for Hope for the Warriors!

Shilelagh Law, one of the most popular Irish American bands in New York City, performed a live stream concert on Friday, July 10 to help raise funds for Hope for the Warriors in a show sponsored by the Breezy Point Cooperative and Ridgewood Savings Bank.

The live show, the first full-length show the band has played since quarantine began, aired on Friday, July 10 at 8:30 pm EST and was available to watch right here on IrishCentral and over on our Facebook page.

Virtual Concert from NYC

Join us as we go live right here at 8:30pm! Click the "Get Reminder" button below to be notified when we go live.

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The concert was in support of the Hope For The Warriors, a nonprofit organization that supports post-9/11 service members, veterans, and military families through programs and services that promote the overall well-being of the warrior community. Over 91% of every donation goes directly to those we serve, building resiliency in military families.

Military families are especially impacted by the trying times of COVID-19. Many serving overseas are unable to come home as planned, caregivers are trying to navigate medical appointments, and veterans with PTSD that crave the camaraderie of those who understand their experiences need support. Through fundraising or donating, Hope For The Warriors can continue to offer life-changing virtual programs for the entire warrior community to address their current needs.

Organizers for the event, sponsored by The Breezy Point Cooperative and Ridgewood Savings Bank, say: “July is here and for the community of Breezy Point and Rockaway Beach that means time on the beach, fun in the sun but also Warrior Weekend. Warrior Weekend has been a tradition for over 10 years in our community and one we all look forward to. This year due to COVID 19, our Warriors are unable to be with us. Given the fact that we cannot be together, we thought we should still do something special for our Warriors. We want to let them know we miss them and will be ready when it’s safe again to embrace them with open arms!"

The show on Friday is free to the community and open to all, but suggested $20 donations are encouraged - donations can be made online here.

About Shilelagh Law

New York and Irish music have a long and storied history together, a collision of two cultures that results in bedlam, beauty, and a lot in between. Shilelagh Law embodies all that is New York Irish music: old songs, new songs, jigs, reels, dancing, weeping, lots of laughter, plenty of drinks and the inevitable visit to the local diner at 5 am. By interpreting traditional Irish music through a filter of urban grittiness Shilelagh Law helps to define the Irish American experience that is such a part of New York town.

Shilelagh Law features Richard Popovic (guitar/vocals), Denny McCarthy (fiddle/vocals), Terry Brennan (drums/spoons/vocals), Stephen Gardner (bass/vocals), and Kevin McCarthy (accordion/vocals).

You can learn more about Shilelagh Law on their website, Facebook, and Instagram pages.