Herstory and Irish Central invite you to celebrate Bealtaine, the ancient Celtic Festival of summer, in a fascinating online event.

Today (Sunday, May 1) at 3.30 pm (GMT) join us for this free Bealtaine event with Susan Quirke, visionary meditation teacher, musician and award-winning social entrepreneur. 

Susan believes music and meditation are powerful forces for healing and transformation in the world. She has taught hundreds of people throughout Ireland and globally to learn how to meditate, and also offers one-to-one deep dive empowerment sessions.

Join Herstory for this free event celebrating the Celtic festival of Bealtaine on Sunday, May 1, 2022, at 3:30 pm (GMT) on IrishCentral's Facebook page.

Susan is also a multi award-winning social entrepreneur for her work in the field of mental health and wellbeing. Finally, she is a huge music lover, singer, songwriter, and recording artist who released her acclaimed debut album ‘Into the Sea’ in 2021. She has performed at music festivals and for figures such as the Dalai Lama and the President of Ireland. 

Andrew Conway, an international Irish rugby player says; “I first met Susan at a group meditation she did for the Irish rugby team. I have since had more than ten one-to-one sessions with her and completed her 3-day 'Learn to Meditate' online course. I am delighted to say she has been a massive reason for the improved quality of both my professional performance, but more importantly my life. She’s been incredibly influential on me, as a player and a person.” 

Susan is an advanced certified meditation teacher and she trained with the 1 Giant Mind Academy in New York and in Australia. She has worked alongside international elite athletes, musicians, CEOs, bestselling authors, mothers and fathers, psychotherapists, facilitators, community and business leaders, farmers, poets, surfers, DJs, and people from all throughout Ireland and globally. 

Susan is a Herstory Godmother and her wisdom has been instrumental in the movement’s evolution. In this fascinating talk Susan will share her enlightening story and insights for the transformative times we live in. Discover more about Susan and how you can learn to meditate here

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