Dublin has been named in a new study ranking the top 10 cities in Europe for foodies on a budget.

The research reveals that Ireland's capital is the 8th "cheapest" destination in Europe for foodies, with prices for dining higher than all cities except for London and Stockholm

Experts from Sail Croatia compared the average costs of eating out in different restaurant categories in the 10 most searched travel destinations in Europe by assessing data from 2023 Google Flights.

For each destination, the study calculated prices of cheap eats, three course meals in a mid restaurant and a tasting menu in a Michelin star luxury restaurant for one person and then ranked cities by the affordability. 

Dublin ranked 8th on the list, with an average of $90.90 for dining out. The capital's fine dining prices ($203.95 per person) were revealed to be the highest among all cities except for London and Stockholm. This positions Dublin as a destination for those willing to splurge on gourmet experiences.

Meanwhile, a mid-range three course meal in Dublin will cost you $46.75, which is more expensive than Stockholm ($37.95) and only cheaper to a mid-range meal in Dublin ($51.30).

The most affordable city for dining out in Europe in 2023 is Budapest, with an average cost of $56.04, including meals from different restaurant categories.

Notably, its cheap eats at $9.90 are the lowest among the top 10 cities, making it an ideal destination for budget travelers. In comparison, Dublin's cheap eats were $22 for an average meal.

Warsaw ranks as the 2nd cheapest city for dining out, following closely with an average meal price of $56.42, while Barcelona takes the 3rd spot of the cheapest European cities for foodies with an average meal price of $58.77.

Paris, where the average meal price is $68.21, is 4th on the list, followed by Rome ($71.84), Madrid ($74.33), Amsterdam ($78.27), and Stockholm ($92.04).

London rounds off as the most expensive city for dining, with an average meal price of $103.65.