Dating back to the 1790s and sheltered in the stunning Bantry Bay, Glengarriff Castle could be the most magical place in the world. However, for just $3.1m, it's in need of a little love.

This opulent looking castle, on approximately 87 acres of land, may just be a ruin but can you imagine the possibilities!? You could literally live like an Irish Lord in this Gothic-style castle, dating from 1790.

Located in the beautiful West Cork, Bantry Bay, this castle is a steal on the market for just $3.1 million (€2.7m). However, clearly visible from the photographs, this is essentially a ruin of a castle but would be an amazing project for a builder or someone in the know. 

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During the height of the Celtic Tiger, when Ireland's economy was booming and property-ownership was all the rage, Glengarriff Castle had over 20 bedrooms, its own harbor, a ballroom, and much more. It went on the property market for $22.5 million. 

As the real estate agent states, now Glengarriff Castle is "a bit of a blank canvas". However, 12,000 square feet of property, located on the coast surrounded by mature woodland? If we had the cash we'd jump on it. 

Glengarriff Castle history

Glengarriff Castle dates from the 1790s having been built by Colonel Simon White, the brother of the first Earl of Bantry Richard White. The Earl's role was to lead the British forces against the French invasion force which attempted to land in Bantry Bay, in 1797. His job was to support the rebels against the crown. For his services against the 1798 rebellion, the first Earl of Bantry was awarded titles across West Cork. 

Over the years Glengarriff Castle has played host to the nobility and royalty, as well as famous writers and artists. Visitors included John Millington Synge and William Butler Yeats. Playwright George Bernard Shaw is said to have written his play, St Joan, here.

British novelist William Makepeace Thackery wrote of his stay "there is a country, the magnificence of which no pen can give an idea. I would like to be a great prince, and bring a train of painters to make if they could… a set of pictures of the place.”

During the 1970s Glengarriff Castle was a hotel. In the late 1970s, a German buyer purchased the castle where he lived with his family. 

A local consortium purchased the hotel and then sold it six years ago to the current owner. 

According to Cork Beo, a local news site, in 2015 the estate was bought by a British billionaire, Ted Toye. Like many folks, Toye had fallen head over heels for West Cork saw this as a wonderful place to retire. He invested in local businesses and made friends in the surrounding area. 

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Castle renovations

However, clearly, Toye and his family only managed to restore parts of the castle, including one wing of the castle's roof and some of the interior. Current architectural features include a square tower and a round tower.

According to Sherry Fitzgerald "Plans for the next phase show a magnificent hallway, a grand banqueting hall/ballroom, as well as kitchens, breakfast room and a living room at ground level. Below there is space for a wine cellar, sauna, and additional workspaces. Upstairs there are six bedrooms, as well as further formal and living spaces. There is also a staff wing.

"The works now paused, this is an exceptional opportunity to complete the project, and bring this extraordinary castle back to glory, to your own style and taste."

Outside the castle

Glengarriff Castle boasts of panoramic views of the bay including Garnish Island while being on an entirely private site

The castle is sheltered by mature planting with specimen trees including oak, beech, Japanese red cedar, and Chilean pine. The land includes a meandering driveway, which snakes through the ancient woodlands. Walkways lead from the castle to the waterfront and to a small private jetty.

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The castle is a four-minute drive from Glengarriff village and just one hour's driver from Cork International Airport. It's also adjacent to the Glengarriff golf club. 

The village of Glengarriff is located at the top of Bantry Bay, one of the deepest inlets along the Wild Atlantic Way. While Glengarriff is quieter than closeby towns such as Bantry, Kenmare, and Killarney, the village includes every possible amenity. 

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Check out this stunning video of Glengarriff Castle:

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