Located in Cork City a 1900s one-bedroom, one-bathroom house is on the market for €170,000 ($184k). The only catch is that the house is just 34 meters squared (365.9 sq ft)!

Brought to the market by Auctioneera, 24 Vicar Street, in Cork City is one the market (for cash only offers) for just €170,000 ($184k). The house has been featured in several Irish newspapers and has even been picked for comment by social media influencers.

However, it is not the low price of this city dwelling that is drawing so much attention. It's the fact that the house, which looks like a bungalow from the outdoors, is one of the tiniest witnessed on the market.

Dinning room, sitting room and a view of the mezzanine.

Dinning room, sitting room and a view of the mezzanine.

Described by Auctioneera as "a charming small home with a distinctive character" that "has undergone a comprehensive transformation into a truly modern property."

While the house measures just 34 meters squared (365.9 sq ft) it must be said that the owners have certainly achieved an "airy ambiance" using high ceilings and natural light. 

Downstairs includes a living room, kitchen / dining room, bathroom and a small yard, out back. Upstairs is a mezzanine space that fits a small double bed.

A view from the front door into the kitchen.

A view from the front door into the kitchen.

The listing continues: "24 Vicar Street stands out as a beautifully presented property that seamlessly combines modern convenience with traditional charm. Its prime location in Cork City is expected to generate significant interest among buyers seeking a stylish home in this sought-after area."

The local broadsheet paper, the Irish Examiner's review of the property was far from glowing. They wrote, "Let’s say the mezzanine bedroom squeezed in under the main room’s Velux window measures 144 cm by 200 cm - that makes it even smaller than a standard, 200cmX200cm double duvet."

They add that the house's interior "has just about enough room inside in which to swing a cat, and only if it's short-tailed variety."

Social media star, Garrone Noone also had some choice words about the property but we'll let you check them out here.