An Irish island off the coast of Cork offering "beautiful scenery and excellent sailing" offers the perfect opportunity for someone to own their very own island hideaway. 

Located 4km off the coast of Cork, West Calf Island is the most westerly of the three Calf Islands located in Roaringwater Bay, in West Cork.  What better is that it's for sale for just $792.9k (€750k).

The 62-acre island features several derelict farmhouses and its own freshwater lake, offering the perfect opportunity for someone to develop a private island retreat. 

The island's current owners told the Irish Independent that the lake was traditionally used for livestock and recommended that any future owners consider developing an alpaca farm on the island. 

Ruins on West Calf Island.

Ruins on West Calf Island.

"There is a freshwater lake traditionally used for livestock on the island so perhaps Alpacas might add the necessary spice," the current owners said. 

Any development that benefits the local community would be looked on favorably by local authorities, according to the Cork County Development Plan. 

The island has no electricity or running water and is accessed by boat through a gentle shelf on the east of the island, with boats likely to depart from Schull. There is no dock or jetty on the island. 

The island is 28m high at its highest point and offers "a perfect balance between the peaceful seclusion of your own island and also the many interesting historic villages and towns of southwest Cork to enjoy and explore", according to the selling website PrivateIslandsOnline. 

The current owners say the island offers "fantastic" fishing opportunities, "with wrasse, sea bass, mackerel, and pollack all in abundance". 

"Lobster from the ravine is tasty indeed. On the mainland, the River Ilen offers brown and sea trout and also Atlantic salmon." 

The three Calf Islands were once home to a total of 80 inhabitants, with a schoolhouse located on Middle Calf Island. 

Today, only East Calf Island is inhabited, although only during the summer months. 

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