Celebrate an Irish Easter in style with "The Easter Box" from The Paddy Box. 

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Missing Irish chocolate is the plight of every Irish person living abroad the year through but at no time is it as pronounced as when the end of Lent rolls around and all you want is a great Irish Easter Egg. 

Thankfully, those dark days, or resorting to lesser alternatives, are over. With thanks to The Paddy Box, you can ensure that your immigrant loved ones are never short of some Easter Sunday Irish chocolate ever again. 

A homegrown Irish company, The Paddy Box offers a wide selection of care packages aimed at Irish living abroad who miss home. Each box option encapsulates our unique Irish culture and affection for instantly recognizable Irish products.

Their newest addition, "The Easter Box,"  is literally jam-packed with Irish treats that are sorely missed by those living away at this time of year. 

Described as an Irish chocolate lover’s idea of heaven, "The Easter Box" was inspired due to recent research results by The Paddy Box which shows that a massive 93% of Irish living abroad prefer Irish chocolate from home over what is available in their current country of residence.

Full to the brim with Irish chocolate, the box includes; 2 (yes 2) Cadbury medium Easter eggs, Cadbury crème egg 5 pack, Cadbury mini egg bag,  Butler's Chocolate Bunny, Jacobs Elite Kimberley, Cadbury Purple Snacks 6 pack and more.

Fancy celebrating the end of Lent this year with "The Easter Box?" Simply answer the question below to be in with a chance. 

“From the time I started The Paddy Box in November 2017, the main mission was to deliver and spread Grá [love] through gifting. There’s so much bad news around the world today. If we can add an element of joy to life through The Paddy Box, then we’re doing something right!" said Mark Loftus, The Paddy Box Founder. 

"Easter is like Christmas for those abroad,  It's a time when loved ones want to reconnect and show how much they miss friends and family abroad. Last Easter, we couldn't believe the response to our boxes so we had to bring back the chocolate lovers dream, ‘The Easter Box.’”

A Custom Box from The Paddy Box.

A Custom Box from The Paddy Box.

Customers can choose from a range of pre-packed, individually themed, 10-item boxes, or choose to make their own custom 10 item box, tailoring them specifically for someone they love. Boxes start from €49.95 and go up to €59.95. The Paddy Box team hand pack each gift box, input personal notes, and ship with Grá anywhere in the world.

The best part, The Paddy Box can do this at a much cheaper rate than doing it yourself and a lot quicker too; by covering most of those high international postage fees.

For more information on The Paddy Box, you can visit their website, or follow them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.