Ireland’s Central Statistics Office recently released information on the top 10 surnames of babies registered in the country last year.

In 2013 22,090 unique surnames were registered in Ireland, while the top 10 surnames accounted for 7.4% of all births.

So, what are the most common surnames in Ireland?

1. Murphy

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Number of Murphys born in 2014: 767

2. Kelly

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Number of Kellys born in 2014: 633

3. Byrne

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Number of Byrnes born in 2014: 552

4. Ryan

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 Number of Ryans born in 2014: 527

5. O’Brien

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Number of O’Briens born in 2014: 489

6. Walsh

 Number of Walshes born in 2014:  475

7. O’Sullivan

 Number of O’Sullivans born in 2014: 472

8. O’Connor

Credit: Irish Voice

Number of O’Connors born in 2014: 441

9. Doyle

Number of Doyles born in 2014: 323

10. McCarthy

Number of McCarthys born in 2014: 321

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H/T: The Daily Edge.

These surnames accounted for 7.4% of all births registered in Ireland last year.Wordle