The Irish are a notoriously friendly nation and lord knows we can take a joke, but here are some top tips, to be taken with a pinch of salt, on how not to rile the natives during your vacation.

We all have to be careful visiting another country not to do the wrong thing. Ireland is no exception. Here are some definite don'ts for tourists visiting Ireland.

Put on a phony Irish accent

The local Irish hate that, especially when “Begorrah’s” and “Bejaysus” are added.

Tell them the only Irish movie you have watched is “The Quiet Man”

Not a good idea, Ireland has had some major Oscar winners “My Left Foot,” “Crying Game,” etc. since the old movie.

Talk about leprechauns and little people

Credit: Getty

Credit: Getty

Again, OK for Hollywood huckstering about Ireland but locals do not find it funny.

Ask for corned beef and cabbage

Almost unknown in Ireland and seen as an American creation. The local version is bacon and cabbage and not all that popular either.

Sing “Danny Boy” at closing time

Usually sung by drunks and romantic Americans but locals will cover their ears.

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Ask for complicated directions

That will backfire on you as the Irish will over-explain making you confused and still lost. Keep it as simple as possible.

Get into arguments about American politics

Most Irish – like most Europeans – are more sympathetic to Democrats. So if you love George Bush, Ronnie Reagan, and Donald Trump it’ll be best to keep your thoughts to yourself.

Describe yourself as 100 percent Irish

Irish in Ireland think they have a lock on that and you are American Irish. Yes, we know, but it’s complicated.

If you’re out for a drink, never order a “car bomb” or a “black and tan”

In America, these drinks are fine to order, but in Ireland, they will bring up old wounds and could get you kicked out of a bar. Or worse! Ignored by the barkeep!