Finally! After months waiting in anguished anticipation, gone are the days of bemoaning the lack of cheap as chips fashion in the US.

Primark (or Penneys as it’s known in Ireland) opened its first US store in Downtown Boston this week and as we all predicated, everybody is loving it.

The store was opened by Boston Mayor Marty Walsh on September 10, as lines of people took to the street outside, anxious to get their hands on the latest, greatest bargains at the company’s 271st international store. The four-floored shopper’s paradise opened its doors with a bang.

What an epic morning...Primark has arrived stateside ❤️����❤️ #PrimarkUSA

— Wendy Duggan (@WendyDuggan1) September 10, 2015

.@Tinashe killing it at the opening of @Primark's U.S. store in Boston! #Primania #PrimarkUSA (R29xPrimark)

— refinery29 (@Refinery29) September 10, 2015

Eager beavers @Primark are throwing open the doors to their first state side shop today #PrimarkUSA

— 98FM (@98FM) September 10, 2015

Mayor @Marty_Walsh opening the 1st US @Primark store in Boston. @rtenews @rte_ten

— Caitriona Perry (@CaitrionaPerry) September 10, 2015

Shoppers weren’t disappointed. At last, the US understands what the Irish have been harping on about all these years.

Opening their first store in Dublin in 1969, the retailer operates in nine European countries and now, the US, too, with a second store set to open in Philadelphia in the coming weeks.

$4 per pair. �� #Chronicle5 #PrimarkUSA

— Kathleen Kiely (@kathleenkiely) September 10, 2015

Picked up these beauties at #PrimarkUSA for only $21!

— Celina Colby (@celinacolby) September 11, 2015

Skinny jeans for $7 (£4.50). Sweaters $8. Shoes $9. And a suitcase to carry it all home: $50 #PrimarkUSA

— RupertNeate (@RupertNeate) September 10, 2015

The new @Primark store is what retail dreams are made of �� #PrimarkUSA

— Katherine Tabinowski (@styletab) September 10, 2015

And although Irish people in the US may now be slightly devastated that more of the world are in on our fashion secret, being able to stock up from this side of the Atlantic makes up for that blow to our compliment rate.

Can't wait to make a side-trip to @Primark #Boston during @irishnetworkusa's Conference #GlobalIrish

— Corina Galvin (@mayocorina) September 10, 2015

“Thanks, Penneys” is set to rise from the go-to phrase of almost every Irish girl given a compliment on her outfit of the day, to a worldwide phenomenon, as the Irish retailer goes from strength to strength. Despite a slowdown in sale over summer 2015, Primark already grew by 13% so far this year and if initial customer reviews are anything to go by, they will fast become a fashion favorite here as well.

Primark opens in Boston tomorrow. Just so the Irish there can say: "This old thing..? Five bucks in Penneys."

— Philip Nolan (@philipnolan1) September 9, 2015

Best of luck to @Primark with their Boston opening today!! SO exciting to see an Irish company go from strength to strength. #PrimarkUSA

— Erika Fox (@retroflame) September 10, 2015

Oh HEY Boston! #PrimarkUSA

— Primark (@Primark) September 9, 2015

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