Ireland might be famous for its 40 shades of green, but there’s something about the simplicity of black and white photographs that can really emphasize its natural beauty.

Giles Norman, one of Ireland's leading black and white landscape photographers, has been capturing the country’s stunning terrain for over 20 years. His beautifully printed images capture the beauty and intrigue of Irish life and landscape.

Norman’s images of the Irish landscape evoke a purity of vision, mostly stripped of man-made intrusion. Skeletons of fishing boats, lonely roads, deserted ruins and cobbled streets speak of a life apart from the image – a timeless quality.

Enjoy the following selection:

Waves crash at Coumeenole beach in Dingle, Co. Kerry.

Sheep by the mountainside in Co. Kerry. 

Fastnet Rock photo is known as the teardrop of Ireland as it is the last piece of land off the coast of West Cork that emigrants to America would see as they left Ireland.

Boat by the lakeside in Connemara. 

These images are available through the Giles Norman Photography Galleries in Kinsale. They can also be viewed and purchased through the website