Below is another present from Ireland for you, ten songs-not yet released in the US that are currently popular on Irish shores.

So, when you're out running/walking/on a bike ride/the train to work – tune in to PLAYIRISH USA with IrishCentral and you're bound to discover an new Irish favourite.


Luán Parle (Wicklow)
This folk, country, roots singer-songwriter was signed to her first record label when she was just twelve years old!

The Hard Ground (Cork)
This five piece roots/rock-pop group boast this year's only 10/10 on Ireland's The Last Mixed Tape music blog with their new album Triptych!

Cry Monster Cry (Dublin)
Fans of Fleet Foxes/Band of Horses will love these two brothers.

Delorentos (Dublin)
Still the current darlings of Irish radio!

Altan (Donegal)
With a career at the pinnacle of Irish music for nearly 35 years, Altan has achieved legendary status. On their new album THE WIDENING GYRE, the band explores the musical relationship between American roots music and the traditional music of Ireland. Recorded in Nashville the album borrows it's title from W.B. Yeats poem The Second Coming

Ham Sandwich (Meath)
A band well known for their live performances, their new album Stories from the Surface should be the one that will propel them internationally!

O'Emperor  (Waterford)
Five old school friends from Waterford, O Emperor grew up playing together in various bands, with diverse musical tastes they soon discovered the records they collectively, grew to love.

Otherkin  (Dublin)
Ones To Watch for 2015 - grunge pop band Otherkin, have marked their first twelve months of existence - playing all of the major Irish festivals.

The Academic (Westmeath)
School friends, Craig, Dean and brothers Matt and Stephen have been playing together since they were in their early teens but formally came together as The Academic at the end of 2013.Their debut single Bear Claws, had labels and publishers scrambling to sign them.

Rainy Boy Sleep (Donegal)
Also featured last month, lots of radio folk jumping on board this one-man-band from Donegal.

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