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Directed by Tiernan MacBride, "Christmas Morning" is a visual representation of the Irish folk song "Arthur McBride and The Sergeant," played and sung by Irish singer Paul Brady.

The lyrics tell the story of Arthur McBride (Paul Bennett) and his cousin (Paul Wilson) who fight off a recruiting sergeant (Godfrey Quigley) when he tries to enlist them in the British army.

The song itself is an old Irish anti-war song, and it is reported to have originated around 1840. It has been performed by many artists over the years including Bob Dylan.

The short Irish film "Christmas Morning" was nominated for a Palme d’Or in 1978 for Best Short Film.

Tiernan MacBride was the son of politician Seán MacBride and grandson of revolutionary Maud Gonne. MacBride was a key figure in the establishment of many prominent film-related organisations including the first Irish Film Board. The Library at the Irish Film Institute (IFI) is named after him in honor of his many years as a passionately engaged board member of the Irish Film Institute.

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Short Christmas-themed dramas showcase the early work of filmmakers Cathy Brady, Geraldine Creed, and Orla Walsh and surprising endeavors from screenwriter and playwright Enda Walsh, journalist Hugh Linehan, and commercials producer Tiernan MacBride.

1960s adverts boldly promote booze and cigarettes as ideal gifts for friends and family, and Gael Linn’s cinema newsreel (1959 – ’64) capture the magic of the city streets lighting up, the simplicity of The Moving Crib, and the charm of Moore Street traders with their wind-up toys, while Kieran Hickey’s Moonmen celebrates the hardy swimmers of the Half Moon Swimming Club as they brave the elements on Christmas Day 1965.

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* Originally published in 2021, updated in Dec 2023.