Luis Suarez has been banned for nine ienternatioanl games and four months from all football after his biting incident.

A Northern Irishman played a key role in deciding the allegation against Uruguayan star Luis Suarez of biting his Italian opponent in their World Cup clash on Tuesday.

Northern Irish FIFA official Jim Boyce head of the FIFA’s referee committee and Vice President of FIFA is the man at the center of the Luis Suarez biting allegation. He is a Belfast native.

FIFA has announced an investigation into the incident, the third time Suarez has been accused of biting an opponent.

The Liverpool player has denied he bit Giorgio Ciellini but the Italian claims to have bite marks to prove it

Boyce told the BBC: “I have watched the incident several times on television.There is no doubt Luis Suarez is a fantastic footballer but once again his actions have left him open to severe criticism. FIFA must investigate the incident seriously and take whatever action seems necessary.”

Boyce is former chairman of Cliftonville FC and an avid cricket fan.