Irish singer Cathy Maguire's stunning rendition of the Irish national anthem ahead of Katie Taylor's historic win against Amanda Serrano at Madison Square Garden last month has gone viral on social media. 

Maguire, a Dundalk native who is based in New York, belted out Amhrán na bhFiann prior to Taylor's split-decision victory against Serrano in a record-breaking fight in the historic venue.

Maguire said she was "incredibly honored and humbled" to be part of the historic event. 

The New York-based singer provided the spine-tingle rendition of the national anthem shortly before Taylor's walk-out, evoking a huge reaction from the Irish contingent in the crowd. 

The stirring rendition was performed without any backing track, making it all the more powerful.

The performance has generated more than 110,000 views since it was published on YouTube two weeks ago. 

Maguire also shared a bemusing interaction with Serrano's manager Jake Paul shortly after Taylor secured victory on April 30. 

Paul, who rose to fame on YouTube, was furious with the judge's decision to award Taylor victory following the closely-contested fight and claimed that Maguire had privately agreed with him. 

"I come back to the locker room, I'm chilling in the back locker room, the girl who sang the Irish national anthem comes up to me, is like, 'Hey, can I have a picture? Amanda won that fight," Paul said shortly after the fight. 

However, Maguire said she told Paul that Serrano and Taylor were "both winners" and that there had been "no losers" in last month's fight. 

"This is showbusiness and he has built his career on being controversial and creating havoc. The night belonged to Katie and Amanda and he was a small part of the picture that night. Though I was flattered that he referred to me as a 'girl' given that I'm forty," Maguire told the Sunday World.