The Irish in Australia aren't messing around when it comes to cheering on the Girls in Green as they embark on their first-ever FIFA Women's World Cup tournament.

On Wednesday, the day before Ireland's Women's World Cup debut match against Australia in Sydney, throngs of fans came together for a stunt that could have only been cooked up by Irish folks.

“County Coogee coming out in force this morning to wish the Girls in Green the very best of luck in their opening game of the @fifawomensworldcup tomorrow against Australia,” Irish man Dermot Judge, a drone operator, said on Instagram on Thursday.

Judge shared some of his slick aerial shots of Coogee Beach where the always proud Irish fans came together to spell out #COYGIG, "Come On You Girls in Green."

The amazing display was largely organized by Irish man Keith Donnelly, the founder of Keith's Closet, a not-for-profit charity that provides support to members of the community who are accessing mental health services.

“We called out to our Irish community this week to send support to our amazing Irish ladies in their World Cup campaign," Donnelly said on Instagram after inviting Irish fans to join in on the project in recent days.

“And woooohhhh, did they come out...

“Sunrise, this morning was like no other, and I don't think thank you even comes close to those that made the trip down to Coogee Beach.

"My heart is racing with joy and gratitude for each and every one of you.”

Donnelly thanked Sarah Melvin “who instigated all this,” and Judge, the “amazing drone man who captured the amazing shots.”

He also thanked Paul Quinn and Gerard Phelan of Virgin Media who were set to “stream it back to Ireland.”

Donnelly asked his followers to share the Coogee Beach video "so the girls know we have their backs and we'll be that 12th woman roaring them on."

Ireland Women's National Team makes its FIFA Women's World Cup debut on Thursday, July 20 at 8 pm local time when they take on Australia at Stadium Australia in Sydney.