You'll never guess what happens when this waiter tries to put cream on this Irish coffee. 

Irish coffees are a tough one to get down but we don't think we've ever seen as bad an attempt as this waiter when he attempts to place the cream on top of the coffee. 

This couple were very happy waiting for their warm, Irish pick-me-up and were excitedly videoing its creation. All was going well until it came to the hardest part of all: placing the cream carefully on top of the whiskey-fueled coffee and hoping that it doesn't since to the bottom. 

The waiter didn't have to worry about any sinking, however, as this cream wasn't going anywhere near the coffee!

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Take a look at the video on Reddit below to see what happens and the customers' stunned reaction: 

The best Irish Coffee presentation ever from funny

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Read more: The absolutely perfect recipe for Irish coffee

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