Now is a time to be at home with loved ones. Thanksgiving celebrations have evolved significantly since their inception, but at the core has been a simple message: to be with loved ones.

This Thanksgiving, we're reminded of what The Wild Geese left behind. Although they made the heroic choice to leave, believing they had secured freedom for their country, their hearts remained focused on Ireland. Many left behind their wives and families, and so every sense of Home dwelled in Ireland.

This is the inspiration behind The Wild Geese Soldiers & Heroes latest video. The heartache resulting from the departure of these Men of Action is blended with the strong hope The Wild Geese maintained. Even when faced with stormy horizons they believed that one day they would return to their wives and families. They would return Home.

To celebrate Thanksgiving, The Wild Geese Soldiers & Heroes have a sensational Cafe crème cocktail. Find Here how to make your Thanksgiving Cocktail.

Thanksgiving is a time to return home and with this drink we honour The Wild Geese and their sacrifice.

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