Not surprisingly Tayto, Cadbury and Kerrygold topped the list of brands Irish emigrants miss most when they’re overseas. So if you’re looking for the perfect give for an Irish ex-pat here’s your list.

“Diaspora Decides” a survey carried out by Checkout magazine and Behaviour & Attitudes, found that the Irish missed their crisps (potato chips), Irish chocolate and butter while living away from the auld sod.

Here’s a list of what they missed:

1. Tayto crisps – 64% (up from 61% in 2013)

2. Cadbury chocolate – 56% (up from 53% last year), with 35% saying they miss it"‘a lot."

3. Kerrygold butter - 56% of respondents (up from 54% last year), with 28% saying they miss it "a lot."

4. Denny Rashers – 49%

5. Barry’s Tea – 49% (with 25% missing it “a lot.”)

6. Denny Sausages – 48%

7. Lyons Tea – 47% (with 22% missing it “a lot.”)

Martha Fanning, Director, Behaviour & Attitudes said, “It is of no great surprise that the Irish abroad or returned emigrants show deep fondness for iconic Irish brands. Away from home, we can struggle to retain our identity, and as such many chose to express or reinforce their sense of who they are through familiar brands.

“The depth of our fondness for the pot of tea, the fry and Tayto is very significant indeed.”