What do you think? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it? Or will you be making heavy hints to your lover in advance of February 14?

Baileys Irish cream sold 6.4 million nine-liter cases worldwide in 2016 according to statistics so it’s pretty safe to say that it’s pretty popular! So, what do you think about their newest flavor, strawberries and cream, released just in advance of St. Valentine’s Day.

The newest Baileys Irish cream is bright pink! It’s also only on sale in the United States and comes in a 750ml sharing bottle or in a single serving 50ml bottle. It’s also only on sale until the end of April.

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The serving suggestion is to “enjoy the sweet drink over ice, over ice cream or use it in a cupcake mix to add a boozy touch to strawberry-flavored frosting.”

Fans on social media are super excited! Here are just some of their reactions to the news so far:

The fact that the baileys strawberries and cream is only available in the US right now is probably the worst news I’ve heard all year

— Libby Daniels (@libbygraced) February 9, 2018

I need that baileys strawberries and cream rn

— “ivo” (@ivoximpreso) February 9, 2018

I hope somebody gets me a throne made from the bones of my enemies or strawberries and cream Baileys for Valentine's Day

— anMech (@paymetoshockyou) February 9, 2018


— rershnersh (@RoshniJogin) February 9, 2018

reallyyyy want a bottle of that new strawberries and cream Baileys, looks so lush😋

— lauren hobson🦋 (@lorainewilks) February 8, 2018

Of course, they’re not so pleased that it’s only available in the United States:

Strawberries & Cream Baileys only available in the UK not Ireland yet hopefully soon 😣😣😣

— 💖🍻Rachel~Anne🍻💖 (@McDonaldRmd) February 9, 2018

@Baileys_GB is the strawberries and cream version coming to the UK?

— HonestlyAine 💛🌟 (@HonestlyAine) February 9, 2018

This isn’t the first time in recent months that Baileys has been in the news. In April 2017, they announced that vegan Baileys Irish cream, made using almond milk, had been released. And then in September they went and released a Pumpkin flavored tipple in the United States for the Thanksgiving season… sure why not! They also have chocolat luxe, orange truffle, and coffee flavors.

But what do you make of it all? Are you all in for multi-flavored Bailey’s Irish cream or should they just leave the classic alone? Let us know in the comment section below.