Do you like fun & food with friends? Then you’ll love SMORGASBOARD®, a fun new game for foodies created by Irish husband & wife entrepreneurs, Richard Kelly & Maggie Leonard who form RichArt.

Born from a passion for food and a love of design, Richard & Maggie have spent the last two years developing SMORGASBOARD® and once the concept for the game was perfected, they used the Irish small business funding website FUND.IT to help get it to the production stage. The game has been wonderfully illustrated by the award winning designer Steve Simpson whose work has exhibited in London, LA and New York.

Players take on the guise of aspiring chefs as they work their way around the board in search of gastronomic success. The object of the game is to be the first team of chefs to graduate from Rick’s Culinary Academy! The losers... do the dishes! Divided into teams of two or more players, teams choose a Chef token to represent them on the board: Mister Broc, Señor Gamba, Monsieur Fromage, or Les Champs. All teams start at the space marked 'Start'. Play moves along the figure eight path towards 'Rick's Culinary Academy'.

To successfully graduate from Rick's Culinary Academy, teams must answer questions and complete activities from four food-related categories:

4BIDDEN-FRUIT: To win this category, your team must correctly guess the food related word by selecting a member of your team to describe the word, in the time allowed, without using the word itself or the '4' forbidden words.
KITCHEN-KAOS: To win this category, your team must correctly identify the food related word in the 'Word Jumble' anagram, correctly identify the 'Missing Ingredient' in the classic recipe, or correctly identify the 'Spoiler' that would spoil the classic recipe, in the time allowed.
NUÜDLE-DOODLE: To win this category, your team must correctly guess the food related word by selecting a member of your team to draw the word on the paper provided in the time allowed. However, once the pencil touches the paper, they may not lift it again until your team has correctly guessed the food related word or the time has elapsed. Prepare for noodle shaped drawings!
TASTO-QUEST: To win this category, your team must correctly answer the 'General Knowledge', 'True or False', or 'Multiple Choice' question in the time allowed.

 SMORGASBOARD® is manufactured at Hasbro Ireland in Co. Waterford and proudly carries the 'Guaranteed Irish' logo.


Richard has kindly given me a copy of SMORGASBOARD®  hot of the production line, to give away here as a Blog prize! To enter you must simply:

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This Competition will run until 1st December and the winner will be posted here on the blog.

This SMORGASBOARD® board game will make a perfect Christmas for the foodie in your Life. The game is available in these shops now and can also be purchased online at and you can follow them on Twitter @richart_games.