When you think of potatoes, images of fluffy mash, fries, and crispy chips probably come to mind. However, did you know potatoes can also be a delicious dessert? 

Baking and candy making requires a lot of skill - but these no-bake, three-ingredient potato candies are about as simple as it gets.

The Coca Cola company's blog states that this old-fashioned recipe dates back more than a century and was likely introduced by Irish immigrants in Philadelphia and other East Coast cities. The treats, typically filled with coconut cream, vanilla and powdered sugar, were traditionally prepared for St. Patrick's Day alongside corned beef and cabbage.

"It's not a cooked product, so anyone can make them," Irish American store-owner Michael Holahan said. "All you need are a blender or strong muscles for mixing." Once the batter is the desired texture, you roll it into a nugget, dust it with cinnamon and let it chill or set for a few hours.

According to Creme de la Crumb blog, the starch in the potato is what turns powdered sugar into something resembling fudge. The baker behind the blog assures readers that the finished product won't taste anything like the savory potatoes you're used to enjoying.

The below "vintage" recipes and methods use actual 'taters to guarantee a fluffy, wholesome dessert.

If you try your hand at them, let us know in the comments below!