Irish Distillers have announced the €13 million ($14.7 million) renovation of the Midleton Distillery in County Cork, transforming the tourist attraction into a world-class whiskey destination capable of attracting 200,000 visitors every year. 

The €13 million investment plan will transform the Midleton Distillery into a multi-sensory whiskey experience, including new interactive whiskey tours and tasting experiences. 

The development is expected to be completed by 2025, coinciding with the 200th anniversary of the Midleton Distillery. The distillery is renowned for producing several famous Irish whiskeys, including Jameson, Powers, Redbreast, and Midleton Very Rare. 

The state-of-the-art development will also include new shopping, bar, and restaurant facilities, while tours will allow visitors to delve into the past, present, and future of whiskey development at the distillery. 

Guided tours and experiences will continue in an alternative purpose-built center throughout the renovation, Irish Distillers said in a statement. 

Irish Distillers CEO Conor McQuaid said that the development would bring whiskey lovers closer to the production process than ever before. 

"At Irish Distillers, we are always looking towards the future of Irish whiskey, which is why we are delighted to announce our plans for the redevelopment of the distillery experience at Midleton," McQuaid said in a statement. 

"These exciting plans will ensure that the distillery experience offers visitors a unique insight into the whiskeys produced at Midleton Distillery in exceptionally beautiful and engaging surroundings. We are confident that we can further build upon the appeal of Midleton Distillery for both domestic and international visitors." 

The planned redevelopment has also been designed to meet Irish Distillers' sustainability goals, including a heat recovery system that will use excess heat produced during the production of whiskey at the distillery to heat the buildings. 

The heat recovery system will reduce carbon emissions by roughly 200,000KG of Co2 every year. 

The distillery will also swap out almost 1,000 lightbulbs for LED lights, ensuring a 90% reduction in electricity consumption compared to existing levels.