The cult-like following of McDonald’s seasonal ‘Shamrock Shake’ will be rather pleased to hear that for the first time ever, the shake will be offered at every McDonald’s location nationwide. In previous years, the shake was only offered at a select few of the fast-food restaurant’s 14,000 locations.

CNN Money
reports that McDonald’s spokeswoman Ashlee Yingling confirmed that the shake will be offered at every McDonald’s location for the first time since its initial release in 1970. The shake is typically released a few weeks prior to St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th.


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Yingling explained that the shake, which is basically a vanilla shake that has a minty flavor to it, gets its famous green tint from a syrup that is in the shake.

CNN Money goes on to report that like many of McDonald’s products, the Shamrock Shake used to have its own mascot, Uncle O’Grimacey. The character used to sing jingles about the seasonal shake in commercials for the product.

Uncle O’Grimacey, a spinoff of the purple Grimace, donned a green vest adorned with shamrocks for the Shamrock Shake campaign. However, Yingling said that O’Grimacey won’t be around for the holiday this year.

Here’s a vintage commercial of Uncle O’Grimacey for the Shamrock Shake campaign, what do you think?: