The owner of a gin distillery in County Louth is raffling off a 5% stake in her business, potentially worth €85,000 based on a November 2020 business evaluation. 

Listoke Distillery owner Bronagh Conlon is selling tickets on for £20 ($27.60) each in an attempt to raise funds for marketing and to help fund the purchase of additional equipment. 

Conlon bought out her business partners last November to gain a 100% stake in the business, which is valued at €1.7 million. 

She is offering a 5% stake in the company to the winner of the raffle on July 9, while she is also offering £10,000 as second prize and £5,000 as third prize in the draw. 

The winner will also receive a lifetime supply of gin "within reason". 

Conlon told the Irish Times that she initially aimed to sell 10,000 tickets for the draw, which would have generated more than €200,000 for the business. However, she said that she has now adjusted her targets to around 5,000 tickets. 

"I’d take 5,000, although I’d still be hoping for more than that. We said we wanted to at least cover our costs, and that would do it for us. But there’s a feel-good element with a public raffle too. It goes beyond the ticket sales," Conlon told the Irish Times. 

Listoke Distillery is famous for its award-winning Listoke 1777 Gin, which is sold by most major retailers and off-licenses. 

The distillery also operates a gin school where visitors can sample gin making and gin tasting classes. The gin school made up approximately 45% of its business before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and is set to reopen in July. 

Listoke Distillery also produces private-label gins for businesses such as hotels and has recently teamed up with whiskey maker Great Northern Distillery to create Wise Owl Irish Whiskey. 

Conlon's distillery has also been making hand sanitizer since the outbreak of the pandemic.