Now that the turkey has been eaten, the Magners has been drank and the stores are flooded with eager shoppers, it is officially the Christmas season, when Irish traditions abound.

There is just over a month until the big guy makes his annual journey, and leading up to December 25 there are many ways to make sure you are celebrating the holiday properly.

The Irish have some great, long-standing traditions that are a reflection of their rich culture. In honor of the season, Magners would like to highlight some of our favorite traditions with the help of our Brand Ambassador, Luke.

St. Stephen’s Day

Many call the day after Christmas, Boxing Day, but it is a true Irish tradition to celebrate St. Stephen’s day on December 26th! This holiday has evolved over time to be one that has a few unique traditions, including one involving birds, and of course, lots of Magners. Enjoy the video below where Luke gives you the full details behind St. Stephen’s day.

Little Women’s Christmas:

As they do in all cultures, the women of Ireland work hard to make the holidays special for their friends and family! In Ireland, the official start of the Christmas season is December 8th. There are weeks of celebration with family, food, and plenty of Magners. On January 6th each year, the men take their turn doing the hard work and the women have a day called “Little Christmas”. Women worldwide take notice and watch as Luke tells us a little more about this cheeky tradition.

Candle in the Window:

The Irish are known to be a welcoming bunch, and that doesn’t fall short around the holidays. A centuries-old tradition calls upon Irish families to leave a candle in the window on Christmas Eve. If only we could all be so friendly and welcoming to those returning home for Christmas.

We would be remiss if we didn’t supply you with a proper drink option to enjoy the holidays! You are sure to have the main ingredients around the house or pub - Magners and Irish Whiskey --  just make sure to grab some Ginger Beer and Mint. Enjoy an Irish Ginger at any party or gathering you find yourself at this Holiday Season!

From everyone at Magners, we wish you and yours a safe and happy holiday season!