Is Ireland a foodie destination? 

Absolutely. With some of the world's most famous dairy, the freshest seafood, sustainably-grown produce, ethically-raised livestock, a buzzing restaurant scene,  and a packed calendar of food festivals, the island of Ireland is a must for food travel.

This sweet video from Tourism Ireland gives you a tantalizing glimpse of all the flavors and tastes you can find on the island of Ireland. 

Food Adventures in Ireland

Is Ireland a foodie destination? Absolutely, just look at this mouth-watering footage from Tourism Ireland 襤

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Smoked salmon, fresh lobsters and mussels, tender meat, sweet and tart berries, creamy butters and cheeses, fluffy potatoes, craft beers, and dining experiences ranging from traditional to avant-garde - it's all waiting for you.  

September, October, and November, designated Ireland’s “Taste the Island” months, are an especially good time to celebrate Ireland’s food and drink.

Check out our list of the top Irish food festivals you can't miss here, and to satisfy more of your hunger for information about how to plan a foodie trip to the island of Ireland, visit